Refco - $4/RT. Anyone use em?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by EMini-Player, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Not sure...
    I don't know why they keep their own brokerage service after they had aquired by Refco.
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  2. It is a little after 8PM EST and the REFCO main website is up.

    They never shut it down for maintenance, nor is Refco Pro-Trader ever shut down for maintenance, locking you out of trading like other electronic platforms/brokers.
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  3. Ok, I tried refcopro(EAT) and thought it great for active traders, and the routing server is also very stable, I understand.

    How about xpress? I know the software is currently snapshot like and not sophisticated as Pro. However, since I'm developing my own the core API of the Xpress now, what I'm concerned is the server routing stability.

    Using netstat dos-command, the server that Xpress connects is, however, resolving the server name with Whois, it's actually

    So, will you someone here give me an impression of the xpress server status, not the front-end trading tool?


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  4. According to the sales person,
    You need to have seprate accounts for RefcoPro and Xpress.
    Separate commision if you bury +0.5 software usage fee for Pro.
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  5. hi smooth,

    i was wondering how you were making out with the express
    api programming. i got nowhere with getting the api in spite of
    calling. response time is slow...
    i might try strategyrunner as i have heard good things about it.
    let us know how it goes.

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  6. Have you tried the ActiveX API from Varkar for J-trader? I haven't tried yet.
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  7. shivastar,

    As waggie mentioned,
    >Al Pucci at REFCO in New York ( he markets the new VelocitEtrader deal )
    He is the one I have talked to. He set me up a chat session with a LindWaldock tech guy at first time. Now, I'm emailing to a chief-architect who built the entire system of Lind and wrote the SDK.

    I'm strill strugling. Actually, I don't like this API set much, and don't think it's greatly designed. Unless you are good at reverse-engeneering the sample code stuff spread out in the document, and have a good coding skill, I would not recommend everyone to go through this.
    I know nothing about strategy runner, but the page is removed from RefcoHP. Weired. The drawback to use it is that you probably have to pay extra fee or commision for using that platform.
    It would have been great if there were a API developer forum like IB-TWS, but in this case, seems like I'm a single one who try to do this in individual level...


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  8. sjp


    I wanna join refco.... are they hiring in London? I currently trade from another office in london. I am profitable but wanna use refcos offices throughout the world.

    Anyone help?
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  9. Franz


  10. tired... I probably give up this deal.

    Quesion I have for Xpress user here.
    You cannot obtain real time holding position status, can you?
    Not, fills information.
    Buy 2 ES> showing LONG 2 ES
    SELL 1ES> showing LONG 1 ES

    I guess this routing-info server just gives the user Filled informaion, no real time position, no real time account.

    I'm tired and give up this project with XpressAPI and will go back to TWS...

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