Refco - $4/RT. Anyone use em?

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  1. hi fast trader,

    no i do not pay any exchange fees as it is all inclusive.also i forgot to mention that my t-bills are used as "good" margin.
    just to let you know that this is a commission based business. when i first started my rates were more like $10r/t. but as they got to know me, my trading style, and my "commitment" we settled on what I believe is a fair rate. i know that i could get a better rate for electronic contracts at other places but that would require platform fees, or certain volume minimums, or other things such as access to open outcry contracts and cross margining abilities these firms cannot offer. at refco i get to trade everthing from currencies to ags at one house and that works for me.

    hope that helps.
    feel free to ask any other questions you have.

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  2. Waggie 945,

    I understand that NQ/ES are $4 per RT all inclusive as you mentioned, but still that does NOT include the $450/$0.25 per side software fee for refco pro, am I correct?

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  3. Yes.
    That offer is only for REFCO Express, which from what I understand recently underwent a renovation and now has Depth of Market.

    For Refco-Pro, you have to add the .25 cents per side.
    Refco Pro comes with Depth of Market and also Ladder Tickets.
    As I have mentioned before, it is very solid and reliable.
    No freeze ups or drops since I have been using it.
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  4. Thanks!
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  5. RefcoPro is EAT(EasyActiveTrader) from EasyScreen.

    It is a client front-end of their EasyRouter COM API.
    I tried to obtain the EasyRouter SDK asking a Refco sales person, but I failed.
    I got LindWaldock Xpress API, but I prefer EAT routing.
    Not perfectly motivated to built myApp on that. :(

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  6. hi smoothtraderfx

    i also tried to obtain easysolutions (protrader) api, as i was looking into automated trading, and was told it was not available at the moment but would possibly be in around 6 months at least. i use refcoexpress too and was told there is a api but have not been contacted yet. can you tell me how you obtained it?

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  7. What kind of margin rates are you guys getting with Refco Pro for ES, NQ and YM?

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  8. Hi shivastar,

    You need to ask your support at Refco tie you up with LindWaldock tech guy. It's important to catch a right person to talk to under the Refco's supervision. Since you are a good client of Refco, I think it's surely possible. You need to sign NonDisclosureAgreement, and the Lindwaldock guy will give you the SDK.
    To tell the truth, the documentation is not so well-done, and I'm having a hard time. I've done C#programs with IB and eSignal API, but it's hard this time. Struggling.
    Remember, you will build 'another Xpress', your application will connect to the RoutingServer at the broker, not to Xpress.

    Yes, I had the same answer they are working on RefcoPro API. Actually, I doubt it as their sales talk. As I said, RefcoPro(EAT) is not a COM server but a COM client already. EasyRouter is the COM API, and EAT stands on it. So, this is the same manner of Xpress API. I think it's unlikely EasyScreen will add another COM layer on the COM client.

    Good Luck,

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  9. wdscott



    The lowest I heard them go intraday on ES is $1500/contract.

    Dave Scott
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  10. asked already ... but Lind Wald usually charges more than 4 RT?

    also why is Refco's main site down now ?

    system maint?
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