Refco - $4/RT. Anyone use em?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by EMini-Player, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. JohnBob


    A little bit faster in what way? Fewer screens to click through? Different order routing strategies?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Is more of a robust platform than REFCO Xpress.
    However, Xpress is FREE and will see a major update coming out in 2 weeks, where it will have Depth of Market, and Ladder Tickets.

    I have used REFCO-Pro ( .25 cents per side, or a monthly fee ) and it is super reliable. I have been using it for a year now and it has only been down once during that time, for about 15 minutes.

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  3. What did you use before REFCO Pro (maybe X_Trader) ?
    How would REFCO Pro compare to something like X_Trader ?

    Thanks for any comments !
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  4. JohnBob


    The Refco rep I spoke to said only DOM would be in the update. :confused:

    The monthly fee is $425 per the same rep.
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  5. 1. It seems they don't offer CBOT and Eurex yet.
    2. Does the platform offer daily report like J-trader and IB?
    I think it is a promising contender, but hasn't reached the status of its rivals yet.
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  6. I emailed to the technical support, but haven't got replied yet.
    Can anyone here call them and ask the following Q and share the answer here?
    I'm outside of the US, and would really appreciate it.

    1. Do they provide API/SDK(Sample program, documentation etc.) for Refco-Pro(Easy-Trader)? [Not REFCO Xpress Platform ]

    2. If they do, do they charge or free?

    3. Can a developer/potential client use a demo virtual account on Refco-Pro?

    Thanks in advance.
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  7. Yes, REFCO PRO is $425.00 per month, or .25 cents per side.

    REFCO PRO comes with "Depth of Market" and "Ladder Ticket"

    REFCO XPRESS is FREE, and will be upgraded with "Depth of Market" showing the 5 best bids and 5 best offers in about 2 weeks. You will also be able to trade E-CBOT Bonds for $5.00 for round turn on REFCO XPRESS
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  8. Does REFCOPro now allow OCO orders? Is there any other electronic broker apart from IB that allows OCO orders?
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  9. Ok, guys, I got info.

    Refco-Pro : They say currently working on, more than months away.
    RefcoXpress : API currently Available
    eSignal@Refco : This eSignal version looks containing RefcoXpress engine, and eSignal has its own API which I already uses. This API Ordering function takes over RefcoAPI somehow.
    As Saxon mentioned, using eSignal@Refco has an advantage of eliminating another broker trading software and streaming quote data fee.

    This looks the way to go for me.

    cf) eSignal API for ordering is very primitive, but sufficient for me.
    TWS API is far more superior in terms of ordering and its various feedback.
    I am not a scalper, so lightspeed executions is not so critical for me. Simply, I really liked the integration of eSignal@Refco, more importantly, the eSignal API is already familiar to me.
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  10. tmb


    Did you notice if Refco futures quotes went blank yesterday after the FOMC announcement? Whenever the market starts to sell off in a big way, a lot of the broker interfaces just become unusable. This is scaring me more and more every time it happens. I'd like to know if Refco is one of these unreliable firms, or one of the more solid ones.
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