Refco - $4/RT. Anyone use em?

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  1. Here's the link I found in another post:

    $4 R/T is a pretty good rate. This doesn't include data fee of $15/mo for E-mini Futures, but considering IB charges $4.80 and you're saving $0.80/RT with Refco, the data fee would be recovered within 19 trades.

    Just want to know if anyone else is using Refco, and how they like the platform. I'd like to open a 2nd account for back-up purposes, and this deal looks pretty good :)


  2. What do they charge for their platforms ? Something like $1.00 per RT ?
  3. The REFCOXpress platform is free of charge. I don't know the cost of the PRO platform.

  4. I use the REFCO PRO platform where they tack on an extra .25 cents per side. I love the platform! Very quick, and never down.

    Those rates look pretty good.
    REFCO normally charges $8.00 per round-turn with exchange fees and everything else, excluded.

  5. Just spoke to one of the guys at REFCO and this Velocit-Etrader deal sounds really good.

    You get to put 5 different products up on the REFCO Xpress Platform and you are simply charged the exchange fees, ie.) $15.00 from CME, or $30.00 from CBOT, etc.

    $4.00 per RT, all-inclusive!

  6. Anyone here ever used the Xpress platform? I don't want a slow POS platform. I'd rather pay the extra $0.50/RT for PRO if that's the only cost for using it.

  7. wdscott


    Fast Trader,

    I Just transferred an account over to them. ProTrader is a solid platform, from a solid company. RefcoXpess is good only for intermediate, longer term or newer traders.

    I hear they are currently working on some software modifications to ProTrader.

    1. Changes to the Ladder ticket - whereby stop and stop limit may be executed from the ladder instead of using the watch order entry screen.

    2. Average price displayed for scaled in orders.

    3. More design and functional changes to compete with TT.

    Dave Scott
  8. Thanks for the info Dave :)

  9. The Xpress Upgrade is due out in about 2 weeks.

    It will include Depth of Market, and Ladder Ticket, like REFCO PRO.

    No updates to REFCO Pro, that I know of.

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