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    I am looking to joining a pro firm in the hope of maybe learning from other traders in an office environment. Did a lot of research on the more popular firms (Bright, Echo, Worldco, Schonfeld, etc) but was unable to get any feedback on Redwood Trading.
    Does anyone have any comments or feedback on this firm?
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    They want a full $25,000 performance deposit. Minimal training if any . There are probably better places to go.
  3. What city are you in? We have had many traders come into our San Diego office to trade for a few months to learn and then went back home. (I would be glad to pass your email address along so you could contact them directly regarding their experience, just PM me)

    Do not get hung up on firm names, because even great firms have some crappy office environments. My suggestion is to visit different offices and judge it that way.

    Just keep an open mind regarding trading strategies. Find the guy who makes the most money in the office and ask to sit near him for a couple of months. If he says no, move on to the guy who makes the second most money in the office...etc.

    The key is to LEARN from traders that EARN, if you go to an office with a loosing strategy that YOU will not change, you will still lose when everyone around you is making money.

    Good Luck!

    Jonathan Kirkland
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    Thanks for the replies.

    JW - I am in Las Vegas, and I understand that Echo does not have an office yet in this city (according to Echo's web site).
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    Geez John, nice crib! Is that paid for with trading gains?

    How come you're moving?
  6. I live in La Jolla, CA now. Was waiting for boy to get out of school year in Vegas, now family is here in LJ with me so house is on market.

    Trading has had its ups and downs, when it is good, sock it away!! I was also lucky when I sold my house in La Jolla when I was moving to Las Vegas 2 years ago and rolled that over into this place. It is always a good thing to diversify any profits you make in the market and real estate has been a good one for me.

    Also remember, you get a lot in Vegas for your money! It is just so damn hot!!!

    I am now in sticker shock while shopping in La Jolla, you would think prices would start to come down while so much wealth has been zapped from the markets!

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    That's a really nice pad, but I already own a house here in Vegas (although not as nice as the one you have :) ). Any timetable on when the Echo Vegas office will open?
  8. Thanks!

    No, unfortunately I do not know when Vegas will open, but you may want to contact for any updates on that office. There is a waiting list that Rob is keeping so email him and get on it! I know that the merger was first priority

    Put the word out if you know anyone looking for a house, it is around my neck like a noose right now. It makes me sick to pay the mortgage every month and only be there on weekends now, not to mention maintain another place in La Jolla! I am not in the position to have 2 homes....YET!!!!!! (Always think positive!)
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