Redwood Trading "Live" chat next Tuesday with Rich Kenny

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  1. Redwood Trading, LLC is pleased to announce that on Tuesday, August 19th, at 4:30 PM EST, we will be hosting a “live” chat on EliteTrader with Rich Kenny out of our Las Vegas, NV office.

    Rich will be discussing, "Using Moving Averages for Entry and Exit Points".

    Technical Analysis is powerful tool for trading. Many traders use more and more complicated and abstract tools in their trading. Rich Kenny of Redwood Trading sticks to the fundamentals when doing technical analysis. His discussion will be based on
    using moving averages as support resistance levels.

    Highlights of the discussion:

    - Which moving averages are relevant.
    - How to use multiple time frames to maximize success.
    - How you can scan the market for good opportunities using a moving average
    - their technical tools can be used in unison with moving averages

    Rich Kenny has been trading since 1996. From 1993-1995 he was on the floor of the Chicago Board Option Exchange. Subsequently he then ran the trading desk for Terranova Trading. In 1996 he moved to New York and began his trading career. He has traded at Hold Brothers and Blackwood Trading on Wall Street. Rich has traded tens of millions of shares of stock throughout his career. He has evolved from a high volume momentum scalper into a multi-strategy, multi-time frame, technically based trader. He also publishes his newsletter for his clients called the, "Manic Trader" and anyone who contacts me or Rich can get a free 30 day subscription to his daily market analysis newsletter sent to them.

    We look forward to all of you joining us and stay tuned for news of a party/Open House that the Nevada office will be throwing in conjunction with the Las Vegas Online Trading Expo, it should be a huge party and a great time for all and we want all of you to come and party with us!

    Good trading...

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  2. All,

    Just a quick reminder to joins Redwood Trading's Rich Kenny, (former CBOT floor trader and lead trainer in Redwood Trading's Las Vegas office).

    Rich is a top notch trader and also publishes a client newsletter called the, "Manic Trader". Anyone who wants, can just send myself an email and provide your email address and we will give you a free 30 day subscription to his newsletter. Also if their are any people interested in visiting the Las Vegas office, (possibly on a vacation trip or even during the upcoming Online Trading Expo), please stay afterwards and we can arrange that as our LV office manager will be on the "live" chat as well.

    We look forward to having you join us tomorrow.

    Good trading all,

    rttrader -