reducing multiple monitor temperature

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  1. I have tried multiple monitor configurations for trading with mixed results. Each monitor gives off several degrees of heat which is cumulative as most rooms ventilation is fixed by the diameter and length of the ductwork.

    I am looking for a heat rating on monitors so that I could basically forecast my anticipated office temperature increase.

    This is a large trading office with two systems, one with a 24" and one with a 37". Have tried up to eight 19"'s but the result was too much heat and a sluggish response.
  2. Don't know about a heat-rating, but the new LED-backlit LCD screens give off a lot less heat for the same light-output compared to previous flourescent designs. You can compare the power-consumption (watts) as a sort of indicator of heat-output.
  3. I think in the case of TVs, the LCD backlight uses less than 50% of the power of Flouro. Presumably monitors are the same. Certainly sounds like the way to go.
  4. While on the topic of screens:

    I'm waiting for these to hit the market: The firm is trying to market themselves on the basis of lower cost, but the readability and less strain on the eyes is what I am interested in.

    Basically, the screens will be similar to the Kindle, but in color, and still based on LCD technology.
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    I Actually quite like it in the Winter (having 3 PC's and 6 Monitors plus one TV in my small trading room).
    But it's hell in Summer (have installed an AC but its not enough to drop the temp significantly).
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    Im a trader now but Im a Chartered/Professional Design Engineer in Building Services Engineering, I used to design air-conditioning systems. The solution to your problem is easy.

    Most manufacturers data that comes with the monitors will have heat outputs if not then use power input ( in watts) to calculate the maximum heat gain from the equipment, but you will also need to add summer time building fabric/solar heat gains which sometimes depending on your type of room construction detail can be significanty higher than equipment gains. You will also need to add heat gains from people in the room etc.

    Once you know the total heat gains then either a mechanical cooling or ventilation system ca be sized accordingly. If you have a big set up then I suggest seek professional advice - contact ASHRAE
  7. Thanks for everyone's hekp!

    My focus is now on three fronts:
    1-purchasing LED backlighted LCD's

    2-installing a LG 9000BTU Energy unit
    (like a 2 compartment A/C wall unit that is very quiet-25DB, and more efficient than standard A/C units)

    3-Adding an Air Return to my basement trading room. Most basements have one main return for multiple rooms which is 30% of the problem. A trading room needs a air return at least the size (preferably bigger) than the intake.
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    If its in basement then your A/C system should be selected and sized to satisfy - minimum ventilation requirements for occupants ( supply & extract based on number of people -say 10l/s/p) and secondly heat outputs from your trading rigs - monitors and base units. good luck
  9. Thanks! I plan to.