Reducing Eyestrain

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  1. What is the best monitor settings for keeping your eyes healthy if you need to spend a lot of time in front of computer monitors?

    What about software where you can change the colors/themes, which colors should you choose? Black backgrounds are better than white backgrounds?
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    Taking breaks often and focusing on distant objects out a window will help. Sit as far as possible from the monitors, so you will probably need to make you screen settings as large as you can and still function properly for your applications. Since it is difficult if not impossible to take breaks during trading hours, get off the PC as soon as the market closes and take a long break. I believe light colored backgrounds are easier on the eyes. Reducing any glare from a window or certain types of lights will also help.
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  5. I use Quotetracker which allows you to make your screens appear about any way you want them to.

    I have "mixed" my own colors. I have found that a very pale yellow alternating with an eggshell has been very easy on my eyes.

    I use a navy blue rather than black for text and that seems easier on the eyes as well.

    Personally, I found dark colors hard on my eyes.

    I also think that a high contrast in color selection seemed harsh on my eyes.
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  8. Ticketwatcher could you post a screenshot of your QT color scheme ?

    Im trying diff. ones out, seems like the black one / high contrast was really hurting my personally liking the white/lightyellow for teh watchlist, but I cant find a good color scheme for the charts - mind sharing?

    Also do you know if we can change the color of the candle outline ?
  9. I have never taken a screenshot let alone posted one. I do not mind sharing, if someone could post how I would go about posting a screenshot.
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