Reduce your exchange fees for Emini DOW and other eCBOT products

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by dmcw, Jul 26, 2006.

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    It may be easier than you think to significantly reduce your fees to trade eCBOT products. Normally the exchange fee for Emini DOW is $1.86 (including NFA fee) round turn. With membership you can bring the cost down to $0.50 round turn---saving $1.36 per round turn contract. Even trading just 80 contracts per month you would cover the cost of the monthly lease for IDEM membership.

    I'm not sure how many traders are aware of the potential savings to members or know how to take advantage of them. I just want to invite anyone who might be interested to contact me and we'll have a look to see if leasing or purchasing membership might be a good idea for you.

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  2. Would there be substantial savings trading the Russell 2000 on the CME?
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    are you referring to the Emini Russell 2000 (Globex) or the full size Russell 2000?

    I'll try to field questions about CME membership too, but I posted about CBOT membership in particular just because I've just been learning about them recently.
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    If you're referring to the Emini Russell, the CME has the ECM program, for one, which would save $1.44 per round turn contract (from $2.32 r/t the rate drops to $0.88). Contact me for more information.
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    CBOT IDEM lease is $85 per month but be aware that there is an application fee of about $1,500 as well.
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    You are correct. The application fee is $1,500.