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  1. I asked if someone on this board knew anything about Rico Data and from the responses I've got none seems to know anything about it.

    So I ask a different Question.. Does anyone know detailed Information about RedSwiss Trading Systems created from Dieter Behring. I have heared that this is one of the leading Trading Systems in the World with a 20 year positive Track Record. The reason why I ask is because he develops those systems with Rico Data and sells their service for Managed Futures Accounts from $20 Mil. upwards per account.

    Anyone here familiar with that Trading System. I have had several people asking me for advise if this is real or not... and I personally was not able to find out much, besides the Press Releases.
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    Went through this a couple mos. ago, similar results. Gleaned from separate releases:

    A Swiss-German group of investors is buying Swiss insurer Swiss Life Holding's discontinued Internet bank and finance portal Redsafe Bank AG for an undisclosed sum, Redsafe said on Tuesday. The chief executive will be Rolf Engel, formerly CEO at Bank Hornblower Fischer in Frankfurt, who together with Swiss businessman, financial software developer and hedge fund manager Dieter Behring, will be the majority owners of Redsafe.

    Vice-President Behring, who has over 25 years of market experience, developed an internationally recognized, leading computercontrolled trading system for managed futures with his Basel based company Q.E.D. Consulting AG. Since 1999, this system has also been implemented for equity investments.

    The Baklin
    Finance AG administers installation-paid net assets with alternative
    Investment strategies, which developed Basel on from Dieter the Behring,
    Redswiss Handelssystem are based. The Redswiss commercial system belongs
    to the best its kind and TRACK has a 20-jaehrgen
    Record without verlustjahr

    I remember reading where some British govt pension fund was using it and figured it was somewhat over my head,lol.

    RICO was a number crunching co- processor/cpu system that was used maybe 5-6 years ago if memory serves. You might pm Harrytrader on this site. He is Euro based and an info freak who may be aware of this Redswiss.