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  1. Dear All,
    Someone has recommended redsky as a direct access broker for me, I am a day trader trading large number of shares daily > 100,000.

    I didn't find much talking about redsky here in ET, so I thought to invite anyone who is currently using them or has been using them to share his experience and explain what is redsky's edge related to other brokerage firms like IB or MBTrading.
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    I think everyone who is using them is keeping them a secret because of how good they are. *Note: Not being sarcastic*

    I plan on giving them a try in the next month or two. Also I think (not sure) the min acct is 50k, that rules out a lot of people.
  3. on ET there is a search function (on my screen up on the right top screen)..I went to it and typed in Red Sky Brokerage and had several hits for threads mentioning Red Sky...Nana Trader is one I think that uses it...check it out
  4. Thanks everyone for your inputs and I do expect many more :)

    DonnaV, I already followed your instructions and thats why I posted my question :) coz redsky is not mentioned here as heavily as other brokers and I do believe that not many people are using them maybe coz they have high minimums or something, thats why I am inquiring about them, but anyhow you are funny :)
  5. Redsky's minimum is 25k as per Chaz Shaw of Redsky with Fimat clearance.
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    I checked out Redksy, but their software doesn't have any hotkeys. Too bad because the firm itself seems very well run.
  7. Amazingly well run.

    Metooxx says Redsky really know options. I feel that way about everyone there when I have made inquiries; they are in reality primarily an institutional broker, but would accept certain individual traders.
  8. My conclusion about RedSky from the posts here and some PMs I received is:

    1) Few traders right here in ET use them, maybe coz of the minimum requirement they have, although I do believe that being serious in going to market requires not less than $50,000 unless you are still getting your feet wet (just my opinion)

    2) The few traders who responded to my post agree on 2 things, this firm is great although they didn't give more details about it and their software is lacking specially mentioning not having hot keys

    First I'd like to thank all who have responded to me either here or in PM.

    Second, I'd like to pull the same information about Lime brokerage if anyone here has some input about them.

  9. i have mentioned this before that i trade at redsky. when i visited them a few months ago, they took me on a tour of the server and network room. ive never seen anything so fantastic. so the technology is the best. there might be someone good but not better. i trade futures and if i have to say anything is that their dome is a horizontal dome and not quite as attractive as others. but once you get used to it, you will do well. the data feed is also top notch. i honestly can't remember the last time it went down except maybe for a spit second and then automatically reconnected. and it even tells you it had a split second disconection. i have asked and made suggestions on their dome and they said they were finishing up their platform/protocal on options on futures and then they were going to redesign their horizontal dome. when you call customer service you get a guy in the trading room right in the middle of it and always has helped me in seconds.
    the greatest thing i like about redsky is their api and the programs i have wrote. very straight forward. if you can get yourself to change your thoughts on this horizontal dome, you will love it.
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