RedOption "Learn N Trade" seminar worth it?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Tyler Durden, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. Im looking at Redoptions Learn N Trade seminar which costs $200. These guys are/work with ThinkOrSwim. it can be found here:

    They state "You will learn about all 10 of RED Option's strategy-based advisories and you will get to trade them in real-time. All 10 strategy-based advisories will be discussed, with in-depth discussion of 4-5 specific strategies. We search for viable candidates for different advisories, and give you the opportunity to place trades in your thinkorswim account, along with us"

    I want to learn a lot about options in as short a time, that is why im considering this. I have bought books but i was wondering if anyone can recommend RedOption as a supplemental education?!?!

  2. nitro


    If you don't know anything about options, IMO it is no worse than picking up a couple of expensive options books.

    If you do know quite a bit about options, then just graphing the strategies taught and understanding how an option repair on each of the strategies is probably all you need to know.

    These sort of seminars are actually worth it imo, as you are not being taugth some strategy that is supposed to make money or some other vague notions, but a set of tools that you use depending on your outlook of the market and is a great replacement for naked swing trades.

  3. OptionPlanet, RedOption, and thinkorswim are separate, but connected entities.

    They offer a free basic and a free intermediate/advanced seminar, which may be a precursor to the "Learn" session. However, if you're experienced with options I don't see why you couldn't jump right on in.

    I took the basic seminar last month. I thought I'd be bored to tears, but I learned a few things. I'm taking the next one ("Beyond the Basics" it's called) this week. I'll try to remember to come back and give some feedback.

    TOS/RO/OP also offer an advanced seminar in Chicago, on a quarterly basis I believe. has more information.

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    I have taken all of their services. Do not take the Learn N Trade seminar yet.

    Take the 2 free seminars first & talk to people in the seminars. You should try to find an experienced sucessful classmate to follow.

    Options require time to digest!
  5. Unfortunately, I live in LA and they dont offer any free courses here. I really dont understand their reasoning about why not to offer classes here of all places, but the closest one was the Irvine "learn n trade" seminar for $200!
  6. Tyler:
    I did the OptionPlanet Beyond the Basics course today. It was very good for this beginning/intermediate option trader. I learned a lot. The class is x-market makers and/or traders who will take what you've read and tell you what works for a retail trader (and what doesn't). I found it a very refreshing take. They even pointed out ways to reduce commissions on some trades (and this is from a broker).

    You could send an e-mail to and plead for the classes to come to your area. Apparently the entire management team sees those e-mails. Perhaps one of them could make it happen.

    Also, you might look at a Virtual Trader session. It's essentially the same as the Learn-N-Trade, but you do it over the computer in a chat/audio room. It's half the price, over two days. However, I feel a beginner would have a hard time getting anything worthwhile out of either of these classes. We had several folks who were obvious beginners in the seminar today, and their hair was singed from the stuff going over their head so fast all day.
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    I have been in all of the above multiple times. All the free classes have no real trades, the paid events have real trades which may loss money. That's why they kept on saying it is for educational purpose only. It takes at least 1 year to digest the information. All their strategies are in the site. You can also use the broker's platform to screen for strategy. They do provide lots tools for free.

    The best way for a beginner is just take free classes & read the class material. After a while decides what is best for you to make money. Option is just an advanced tool, best is to take it slow. It takes time to digest the information. Do not put real money at risk too fast