Rednecks en mass

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  1. Fascinating Special on Redneck America. as they relate to President Barry Hussein.

    HBO 502 DDTV "Right America: Feeling Wronged."

    Unbefuckinglievable. That they are still Squidbillies in this country that are still thinking this way.
  2. When the repugnicants are in power they bitch and whine.

    When the repugnicants are not in power they bitch and whine.

    Listen to Limbaugh, Hannity, et. al.

    They play to their base, a bunch of bitching matter what this situation.

    The only thing that might actually satisfy them would be a completely white fundamentalist diversity free right wing Christian America...but I think they would still find something to whine about.

    Face it, control freaks like the klannish never feel in control and live most of their lives in fear and self loathing...

    Never ceases to amaze how the party that claims to be so right with their God and Jesus Christ lives in so much fear of what happens in life...

    Where is the love, the acceptance, the peace of mind and tranquility, the deep abiding trust in God that leads to a peaceful nature, and the tolerant non judgmental ideals of Jesus Christ to forgive and turn the other cheek?

    Not in the republican party, that is for certain...

  3. LOL... four pointing right back at you, buddy.

    Change up the phrasing just a tiny bit, and it reads like ZZZenu's long overdue 10th step. :p
  4. The blithering idiots don't seem to understand the difference between an anonymous message board and real life.

    I suppose they also think that a masquerade party or a purely logical debate would be the right place to practice the 10th step.

    When you get to the first step RM, find a sponsor to lead you through the remaining 11, though proper step technology requires true "on your knees" humility in the footwork...and that doesn't seem likely for you until both of your legs are broken.

    No need for you to work on the 13th step, I have seen your 13th step right here:

    For those who don't know:

    STEP 13 - We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of him/her.

    Notice the wording of this step, that *we made the decision it was not made for us. Many in recovery today understand that we were seldom victims, most often we were *volunteers.

    It’s been said that victims cannot recover since they focus on the incident and assume no responsibility for their part in the activity. For many, it wasn't until we owned our part in our dilemmas that we began to grow with wisdom through discovery and spiritual action was it?

    Now... take a look at our collective opposition to those we label as predators or 13th steppers. Often most of these rationalizations start with: “Look at what that person did.” In actuality, this may be a validation for blame while not assuming any responsibility. Using this rationale, would one be correct in presuming such a victim would no longer need to change themselves? Can they now freely focus on changing everyone and everything around them?

    Should we become an integrated pocket that justifies victim hood? If so, are we not giving them the chance to fester a serious infection? Our collective conscience shunning these 13th steppers should now proudly stand and righteously persecute these supposed perpetrators. This manifestation of pride would then give us that little heads up, that contented feeling of superiority over others.

    Oh how comfortable self-righteousness can be, *more is the word for the day. So let’s judge these evildoers and cast them into the outer darkness as well. We must, since it is all for the good of NA you see. We must be rid of this type of waste in our fellowship if these delicate flowers are ever to have a chance at finding a new way of life. ...


    Firstly… are there not addicts among us recovering successfully from addiction in spite of adversity? Doesn’t this success depend upon our relationship with a God that could do for us what we could not do for ourselves? If this were true, isn’t it so that any and every attempt to shield these newcomers from adversity rather than offering them the spiritual tools to meet such challenges would be doomed to failure?

    Secondly... many members may still lack profound spiritual development even after years in the program. If the foregoing were true, wouldn’t it be wrong to judge, criticize, condemn, isolate, or reject these individuals as morally bad rather than viewing them as spiritually sick? If we condone such ideals toward those whose actions we disapprove of, could it not be we, the righteous, doing the individual, group, or fellowship the greater spiritual damage?

    When spouting off how bad other addicts behave, are we not in a perverse way proclaiming our own righteousness? What message do we convey to that suffering addict when we criticize with malevolence our fellows, those with whom they've chosen to associate with? Besides, who among us has had nothing but the purist of thoughts and intentions in all our affairs?

    The moral of this story is: “Recovery is an inside job.” The practice of spirituality is all inclusive, even towards those dastardly 13th steppers. No member I’ve met, as of yet, is in themselves exempt from moral inadequacies. Judge not lest ye be judged. Teach by example rather than by direction. Quit defending the victim role, victims don't recover.

    Los Angeles

  5. Is this a continuation of the "yes we can" line of reasoning.

    What does it matter anyhow? In ten years this "catastrophe" will be meaningless when the ice caps have melted and we've all drowned.

    yes indeed ... you can, make no sense

  6. if it had any value ... any value at all... I could assemble an bottomless pit of similiar rhetoric coming from uneducated blacks
  7. Yes, fear of you Democratic, baby killing, drug taking, welfare sucking, same sex lovin', god hating, liberal, homophile, anything goes freaks is something to reckon with. You stupid pussyfart. Your kind has ruined what used to be a great nation.
  8. firscall


    ...a bottomless pit!