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  1. I am building a financial website. I have seen multiple providers out there that will give you real-time or delayed stock quotes for display on your website for hundreds of dollars per month.

    I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars per month :). Therefore, I'm willing to go direct to the exchange if I can to get quotes... but of course would rather deal with one single point of contact (reliable, legal, etc.) that does not const hundreds of $$$.

    And, I have to make sure that if I do go direct to the exchange, that I have the legal right to redistribute (i.e. display) the data.

    Anybody have ANY experience with this? What is the best course of action here? I can't figure out how to access the exchanges for the quotes.

    This should be the most simple, basic thing for any given financial website, I can't believe I'm having so much trouble.

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    The only way you can go direct to the exchange and get a redistributable feed is to bring in telecom lines from the exchanges (figure in the tens of thousands $$ per month depending upon which exchanges), then pay the vendor fees to the exchange (another few thousand a month).

    If you get redistributable quotes for less than a few hundred (more like thousand) per month, you most likely aren't getting them legally.

    As an example, displaying/distributing a delayed, snapshot Dow Jones Index alone will cost you $166/month to redistribute. This is Dow Jones' fee for the right to put the quote on a website, not the fee of the company providing you the data. The fees for this index alone are higher if the data is real time or streaming.

    Hope this helps. Unfortunately, redistributing data isn't in the same realm as non-pro trader exchange fees.

  3. Here is a list of providers I have found so far, which I am considering. All of them are sources for professional-size websites:

    QuoteMedia: 125 per month for delayed snap quotes
    FRI Interactive: 400 per month for delayed quotes
    XIgnite: around 250 per month for delayed quotes
    Comstock Interactive: still waiting for a quote for snap quotes

    In talking quite extensively to the salesman at Comstock Interactive, the fees go way up for real-time quotes. He claims the exchanges are much more reasonable with delayed quotes.

    One problem with Comstock Interactive is I tried out their XML snap quote, and you must know the exchange of the symbol in order for the request to succeed.

    QuoteMedia has the most thorough quote (i.e. containing the most data) and at the most reasonable price. They are winning the race right now. QuoteMedia is a public company (QMCI.OB) and although very small, the NASDAQ itself is a customer... along with well known names such as Zack's and I think if can risk them, I can too :)