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  1. Who has experience with RediPlus?

    Could you please share comments about the platform? Also what rates do you pay for commissions?

    Thank you.
  2. Basic and very stable. Rates depend on the firm you are clearing through. Bright and ETG use it. I am sure there are other firms too.

    I like it, but I am not doing anything too fancy. Just reading the tape, making decisions and executing.
  3. Weasel


    Sucks! Dinosaur for this business. Used it at a previous prop firm. If what I use now is like a plasma tv with HDTV.......Redi would be a black and white TV from the 70's. lol!
  4. reditus


    it is used by a lot of pros, so something must be good about it.
  5. yeah, because they are used to it.
    otherwise its a dinosaur, like someone already mentioned.
  6. Bells and Whistles, I work at ETG. There's a reason besides that they're used to it ther numbnuts. It's simple, easy to use, great execution. That's all you need and nothing more. Ever heard of KISS? Keep it simple stupid. You need nothing more. Only the noobs and fools would want more bells and whistles. Most of the time, these bells and whistles are more of a hinderance than a help.
  7. I have looked at or used many of the other platforms out there. Rediplus is the best IMO. It is reliable, very reliable. You will have very few problems. The quotes are accurate. It Offers good connectivity with excel, and they always answer the phone, and fast, whether it's to cancel orders, or questions on a particular fill. For most traders, it is the way to go. IMO.

    Good trading to you!

  8. Has anyone used it to trade BOTH equities and futures. At what firms can one use REDI to trade both futures and equities with cross-margining?


    We had enormous amount of problems with their platform and API 2 years ago. It made us switch from RediPlus to IB.
    The main problem IMO is that they do not show you your Average Cost on the position you held over night. Generally it sucks.
  10. CPT,
    FWIW, ETG will let you trade equities, options, futures and forex on REDI+ and they are all cross margined. I would suspect that the other brokers who use REDI+ will too.
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