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    Has anyone here used RediPlus? If so what do you think of it? I've been shopping around for an account. I tried a few platforms and I liked RealTick the best but it costs around $250 a month unless you make a certain amount of trades where SLK only needs you to maintain a minimum balance. I don't want to overtrade to keep the software free but I also feel I'll be better off using software I'm more comfortable with. Does anyone here prefer RediPlus for it's functionality? I feel it's lacking a few minor things that could make all the difference in the world to some traders (I wish T&S was attached to the level 2 window and I think it could use color indicators to show tick direction on indices - to name a few). Am I being to picky?
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    Have you actually tried Redi Plus? I've used it remotely, and there is some kind of delay I haven't experienced with other trading platforms. If the program is being tempermental, it can take several seconds to load a stock, sometimes the program freezes, sometimes all the level 2 boxes lose all the data for a few seconds and then come back, and during heavy trading the level 2 seems to update every few seconds instead of continuously. I actually had an account with a direct access firm in my home town, and I would go to their office, and there was no delay at all. Then I would try the software at home, and there would be a noticeable delay. At the time, I had a 300 MHz processor. I'm now running a Dell Workstation, 750 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM, Win NT 4.0, and use a cable modem. It made a difference upgrading, but I still had the problems listed above. I think you need a really powerful system, or maybe a T1 line or something to run the software the way it's supposed to be run.

    Other than that, the charting is definitely inferior to Real Tick. You can link windows, so I don't know why it's a big deal not having level 2/t&s in one box.
  3. My experience with REDI+ over the last number of months has been terrible. Outages and slowdowns are becoming far too common for a professional platform (perhaps due to inadequate capacity?). I personally lost over $3000 last week because REDI+ froze near the close and no one at SLK would pick up the phone to cover my trades. And that is just one instance out of several in recent months. I am now looking for an alternative to REDI and suggest you do the same.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    mjt: I have been trying out Redi on a demo basis, so my use has been limited to papertrading only. I have a fast connection and a system that's more than adequate but I still noticed those lags you're talking about. About the interface itself, it's not just the T&S I would like in one box, it's the fact that everything is in seperate windows that bugs me (even if you can link the info). I'm sure it's like that for people with multiple screens but I still find it makes for an awkward layout when you're switching around from Redi to other programs and back again - often times you have to hit the main minimize button, then maximize everything all over again and oftentimes you can't come back exactly the way you left it (certain windows don't show up) - I could go into that part in more detail but I don't want to write a novel here. What are you using now?

    Steve: Are you using Redi because it's less expensive price structure or is it just what your firm happens to support? Today there was a minor freeze (not a good thing for even a few seconds) but what really got me concerned was last week when the system was down for most of the afternoon through the end of the trading day when the NASDAQ was up 100 pts. The phone lines were busy for over a 1/2 hour. Sorry to hear about your loss. Please keep us posted on your search for another system, I'd be really interested to know what you decide on.
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    I assume you don't have multiple monitors? I just keep all my windows open all the time. Too time consuming to minimize and switch windows all the time. I still use Redi Plus, but just I don't trade with it that much. As soon as I get my account set up with Hold Brothers, I will only need one level 2 + time&sales box through Redi.
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    Up until last month i had used redi plus for close to 2 yrs. i am told that the system is over loaded(too many users). At the bottom of the feeding chain is at home "internet" users. At least at an office you could play around with the system and reboot to get on a "better" i.e. less crowded server. Those at home are stuck on one server usually. As far as performance goes April was the worst i have witnessed in the past 2 years, customer service being almost non-existent. As far as the software set up is concerned i actually liked it alot but the freezing was a big problem especially during high volume markets.
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    mjt, I'm eagerly awaiting your report on Hold Brothers. I believe they use Graybox and Realtick, so why do you mention that you'll still be using RediPlus?
  8. There is another platform you guys aren't mentioning.

    How about Virtual Trader/Frontend?

    The Charts are compariable to Redi. (For what I do they are perfect but others said could be better) but everything else is top notch.

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    tom p

    I won't be trading with Hold Brothers until 6/1. I will try to update the following week. Still using Redi Plus for quotes until then. I'll still keep my Redi account, because I'm not paying software fees. I always like to keep more than one software platform open at one time in case I need to compare quotes.
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