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    Does anyone know of any charting package that will support RediPlus trading platform?

    Thanks for the input.
  2. not a fan of redi charts? LOL
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  4. what's wrong with redi charts? :confused: please specify. thanks
  5. they're virtually non-existant
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    Yeah and remember a few years ago they were much worse!
  7. so what charting package does bright traders use?
  8. C99


    I don't know of any stand-alone charting packages that will run off the redi activeX feed. Gap in the market here for a medved or qcharts type.

    Neoticker can run off the redi dde feed, and both neoticker and smartquant are open enough to roll your own data vendor if you have the experience.

    I think esignal is popular within bright. Esignal is pair friendly, one of its only bright spots. yes, pun.

    Cheap options are to park a small account at either IB or tradestation. Tradestation is all-in -one, and IB widely supported by stand alone charting packages.

    Moving up the price ladder, DTN, esignal, realtick, cqg, bloomberg.