Rediplus VBA scripts

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Tim007, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Tim007


    Hi does anyone use Excel with Rediplus? I am looking to use excel for stop orders in products Rediplus doesn't have stop support for. Any ideas or comments would be appreciated!
  2. Sintra


    yep we are using this combination.
    If i understand you correct you mean that your are looking for a scrept to enter a normal limit or market order(because stop orders are not supported) when a prive level is reached and it should be fully auto?

    Well UDF (user defined functions) is not working because you can can't call a order sub procedure.
    Cell change isn't working because it needs a real enter.

    You can use a ontime event that is firing every second and checks the prices, but this freezes everything every timeunit.

    You can use SetLinkOnData. This will call a other sub procedure called "linkchange". This one you can put your order code in.

    You should be able you specify the range because in the example it is checking all links and you need only the last(or bid/ask). Google should provide this.