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  1. Hello,

    Can someone introduce me to a contact at GSET or an Introducing Broker for GSET that can assist me to establish a relationship for execution and clearing in global futures exchanges via REDIPlus.

    Also, please share your experiences with the REDIPlus platform for futures trading via REDIPlus and with GSET.

    Please fell free to post here or send me a PM.

    Thank you.
  2. If you're for real, you can call GSET directly. In any case, how could someone introduce you, even if he wanted to? "A guy named CPTrader?" :confused:
  3. Thank you Mr. Rodney King. All the best to you in 2012!
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    FYI last year goldman cut off the majority of their introducing brokers and in the process shut down a number of accounts as they didn't want to bother with clearing business. Only a few are left and I imagine the min account size is much higher. This article lists some of them.

    I used to clear through goldman but my introducing broker got shut down so I had to switch to BankofAmerica/Merrill and I'm trading through instaquote now, which is pretty similar to rediplus.
  5. Uhhh, because I'd call or email my actual coverage instead.
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    As mentioned, GS is getting out of this business. I was trading through them from an introducing broker and left about 6 months ago. This is business they don't want anymore.

    Your best bet to trade with them would be going through an existing JBO, although this may have many other risks and costs.

    After using Redi for many years, I think there are many other platforms that offer everything that redi has and can be used with most clearing firms.
  7. Thanks FSU.

    The only attraction of GS is REDIPlus.

    The only attraction of REDIPlus is its multi-asset access to virtually every exchange. For futures only IB gives comprehensive global access. CQG does to a slightly lesser degree than IB...but very FCMs avail themselves of CQG's global connectivity hence, my looking at Redi.

    Thankf for your comment and help unlike the other noisemaker on the thread.

  8. One last bit of noise -- If you'd called, GS would have told you all that directly, rather than whisper-down-the-lane. I'm at a loss as to how purportedly big-swinging ETers are afraid to pick up a telephone and talk.
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