REDIPlus for Europe, Asia & FX

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by CPTrader, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. I know many are pleased with REDI's services for US equities, but I am curious as to people's experiences with REDI for Asian and European futures and also for FX. They now have access to virtually every futures exchange globally.

    Please share your experiences: rates, technology, support, order types, etc

  2. Keene


    I'm curious about this myself..........Bump
  3. Bump! Any comments here?
  4. Raver


    I trade from Europe and trading is good with rediplus on the euro futures markets, never had any complaints about it, same goes for FX.
  5. just21


    Who do you clear through?
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  7. Does Redi no w allow you to place GTc & GTD orders. Last year they only permitted day orders. Has this changed?
  8. Raver


    For equity you can place GTC etc. orders but futures only day orders
  9. Thanks!