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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by dedicated1, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Can someone please tell me the IP address of a fast reliable Redi+server...I am running the 09.26.02 version. I will pay top $ for this info. Thanks so much!!
  2. Why don't you just call SLK, I'm sure they'll work with you and answer all your questions
  3. DaveN


    There's a feature on Redi that allows you to "force" two servers when you connect. I have *NEVER* been able to get that to work. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has...

    The SLK help desk has told me that feature doesn't work, but, hey, I've got lots of things working on mine that they've said aren't supposed to.
  4. chs245


    I believe choosing manually IP addresses for Redi server is "old fashioned" (for lack of better word). They are running load balancing servers, which should ensure that you always get signed on to the server which currently has least usage.

    I would switch to a more recent version (10/9/03 works fine for me). I use 2 redi connections (2 user accounts) over cable, and except for the first days of 2003, i had no connectivity problems.

  5. DaveN



    I have 9/26/03 QA on the main, and 3/27/03 QA on my second account. I understood that the 9/26 hit only limited servers, so I rolled back, and I've been avoiding that one. I'll need to call and get enabled for the 10/9 version.

    3/27 has been rock solid, so it stays as my fall back.

    Thanks for the info!
  6. I have to go with Oliver on this....that's the version we use at Corporate, and the speed seems fine.

  7. DaveN


    I've been using the 10/9 version for two days now. I have to say, it's sweet! I like some of the new features, like the alerts. Performance and speed has been on par with the earlier versions, and nothing like the CPU hogging of the June vintage releases.

    In fact, I do believe, it's significantly more profitable to trade with than the 3/27 version I've been using... It just doesn't display the color red.... :D <just kidding of course>