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    Mr. Bright....or anyone else out there, how is the pair trading functionality on Redi?
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    I used the RediPlus pairs trader a few years ago. I liked it.
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    Thanks Robert.

    Don, do you care to chime in?
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    Don, I'm worried about you. I'm throwing a softball right over the plate for you to knock out of the park. I don't even see you at the plate! Grab a bat and start swinging!
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    Btw Mav, I may be in Chicago soon. Is Giordano's Pizza, or is Lou Malnatti's the better pizza experience?

    And picking on Don. Shame!:D :D :D
  6. Ah, where do I start my friends, LOL.

    We have some pretty robust programs written to the REdi API. Much cheaper than running the Redi "basket" programs. Work really well. heard it here first... Redi is basically splitting from GS, at least to the poin that they are now going to make themselves available to other traders. Makes sense to me, good, solid, and well supported platform, GS should share it with others.

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    Finally! I thought I was going to have to beat it out of you. :)

    What I'm looking for here is, without all the add ons you have Don, if I use their pair trading app right out of the box, do you feel it's sufficient?

    And thanks for the scoop on Redi and GS. What does this mean? They are going to be their own separate company?
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    Let me know when you are coming out. I can always go for a pizza. :)

    Don use to come out and visit me but he stopped coming. :(
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    Don, is there any online documentation somewhere on Redi that goes over their pair trading functionality?
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    One firm is offering REDI+ clearing PNSN already...
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