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  1. Ok, see if it'll post one last time. Is Redi strictly an order entry platform, or is charting available also? If there is no charting is it possible to feed the data to another platform for charts? Otherwise do most stick with Esignal, TS, Ninja, or what for charts?

  2. Redi has some charts available, but they are very primitive, with limited studies, and things you can do with them.

    I use TS, others I know use esignal.
  3. I've been using Redi for 6 years and the charts have been consistently useless IMO. I used First Alert for years and now use eSignal. Apparently there is work being done to better integrate eSignal with Redi.
  4. I wouldn't go back to ES, NT or anything else unless QuoteTracker went under. Too much money for not enough reliability.
  5. I have been a user for 7 years.

    What the others said. GSEC doesnt care to get into the pretty charting and 1 million indicators biz.

    REDI is just a front end executing monster. You want size fast and maybe cheaper through sigma X..then REDI is for you. If you want fancy graphs you will be dissapointed.

    I dont even use the news package they offer.
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    Does REDI Link to other charting programs? If not, are you just entering symbols in both REDI and your charting program to pull up new charts?

  7. Is it faster than Laser or about the same?