REDI Plus problems

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  1. My redi plus was down for the whole last half hour of trading. Missed most of the rally. Did anyone else have redi problems??

    I am a redi supporter but what good is a system if it is down at the most important times of the day?

    May be time for a change.
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    mine worked, even though i got a message that said there were problems....
  3. Mine went down too. Stayed down. Now I know why ETG is leaving SLK....
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    but even if redi is down, you can still trade through other "channels" such as INCA, ISLD and ARCA.
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    Where are they going to? what software are they going to use?
  6. Im not talking about the redi ecn i am talking about redi plus. Totally frozen. Could not send orders to anyone.
  7. ETG is going to INstinet Clearing.
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    I see. That's v. annoying. Have you considered running e-redi on a backup machine ?
  9. Is Redi still this unreliable?

    Are you guys still having problems

  10. Just a note. Most of the time REDI+ freezing up is a local problem due to information "overload" (too many windows open with not enough RAM etc). I would suggest this configuration as a minimum for REDI+ IBM AT Compatible PC 500 MHZ CPU with 256 Megs of Ram -operating system-Windows 2000 Pro (preffered) or Windows NT 4.0 or greater with service pack 6. If you use another
    charting package with REDI+ have 512 Meg RAM on your computer. 512 Meg RAM is $150 or less!( a small investment for less headaches). Make sure your computer is maintained(disk defragmentation etc.) by qualified personal. REDI+ can use alot of computer resources, which is alot different than other programs such as IB's order entry software. REDI+ can do alot more than other order entry software, but needs alot more computer resources. Many times at Lieber & Weissman , we build and ship out tradestaions(configured & tested), so we can help traders avoid problems. If you have the REDI+ Option Montage Open and are looking at OEX ore SPX, DO NOT OPEN ALL STRIKES(SHOW ALL), your computer will freeze(CPU usage 100%!), have six max strikes open at one time. REDI+ can be very CPU intensive .

    Gene Weissman
    Lieber & Weissman Sec., LLC
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