REDI Plus and eSignal WebEx demo

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by SocalTrader, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. We are planning to do a WebEx demo of the integration of our Alerts with REDI Plus and eSignal. It will be scheduled based on interest so let us know by either posting here or PM ing me.

  2. is redi only available for use with SLK?
  3. I believe it is for Brokerage firms that clear through SLK.
  4. i would be interested.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I will be in touch once we set a firm date.

  6. lescor


    What kind of ways can your alerts interact with Esignal? I don't trade with a SLK firm, but have tried out your service and liked it. Beta testing Esignal now and may end up using it.
  7. We created a section in our alerts software called Select Link Destination:

    This allows a user to link the symbols in any alert window to other software. In terms of eSignal you can link our alerts to their Level 2 window and their charts so that when you click on a symbol in our alerts it automatically populates the eSignal Level 2 and chart window. It is very fast, and allows you to evaluate many opportunities quickly without making any keystroke errors.

    This also works for the embedded brokers that are available through eSignal like MB Trading. So if you are using one of those brokers and eSignal with our alerts, it is a two click process to place a trade. See an alert you like and click on the symbol. That populates all the windows, you evaluate, and then click the buy, sell, or short button to place a trade if you like it.

    Here is a link that takes you through the set up process:

    Let me know if you have any other question or need any assistance in setting it up. Also are you interested in the WebEx demo I am working to schedule?