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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by CBuster, May 5, 2008.

  1. CBuster


    Hi guys

    For a couple of reasons I am in the process of setting up to trade equities through GS using Redi. Right now I have a demo a/c with Redi set up and am toying with the API to try and get it doing what I want. I am hoping an experienced user might be able to put me at ease with a concern.

    I am running an equities strategy which is pretty time sensitive. I need to be able to send large numbers of orders into the market pretty quickly. At the mo, I have a spreadsheet set up with vba to send 200-300 orders at a time. Typically this takes a couple of seconds on my current platform. Worryingly Redi’s API (at least in Demo mode) seems much slower – maybe 10-20 secs. This won’t work for me. Even the Redi sales guy didn’t sound overly optimistic about significantly improving with full (non-demo) Redi.

    For a couple of reasons I do not want to use Portfolio Trader. My code loops through an array storing order details instead.

    So is the non-demo Redi significantly quicker? What sort of latency do you experience when sending big numbers of orders simultaneously? And how fast is the response time when the API is reacting to (eg) a fill?

    Any thoughts on these, or other Redi API comments, would be most welcome.

  3. the documentation on that beast is a nightmare. Support is horrible, and there are a lot of bugs in that API

    good luck
  4. Hmmmmm.....interestingly, the same comment can be applied to:
    1) Interactive Broker's API
    2) Sterling's API
    3) Genesis's Laser API

    Anyone see a pattern here ?
    (i.e. retail or prop API traders are screwed....only the big boys get the good stuff.)
  5. CBuster


    I hear ya

    Setting up with GS (execution and clearing) is my ticket to trade way more markets than I do right now. Redi is just the front end and, if it's gonna prove to be a real bottle-neck for me I have other options. Granted they involve somewhat more expense and I'd rather stick to Redi (free... just call me Mr Cheap-Ass) but sometimes it is worth spending more to make more.
  6. mnx


    Hey CBuster,

    In my experience with the Sterling API I could send orders in 1/10 of the time using a real account over a demo account.

    I know this won't directly apply to Redi+ but it could definitely be the case...

    - mnx
  7. CBuster


    That's good to know - thanks