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  1. I was thinking on picking up some shares in RHAT. Is it a buy at $20.00?
  2. Book value is $ much do you want. We've been shorting for months (vs. a good stock, of course).

  3. zetrader


    for a long trade in day-trading
  4. I just tried Red Hat linux (Fedora 5) from one of the free CD's from a linux magazine and found it to be a pain in the ass. I also tried one of the other linux distros.

    Microsoft is a better product.
  5. For the life of me I will never understand why people try to pick bottoms on a gapping down stock.
  6. Well, in recent weeks, I've played the dips of Ford, GM, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, Ebay, Time Warner, and about ten other stocks. Already took my profits on 90% of my recent trades. Must be doing something right. Then again, it could be just dumb luck :)

    I do not try to pick the bottoms, I try to see where the gap is. Buy in, ride it for a half a point to two points, sell it, short it, buy it again. I must of did it 4 times this week and last week already on Yahoo alone. These are not investments, just trades.
  7. I would say if you have to ask someone whether rhat is a buy at 20.00 then it would be luck if you profited from it. There is nothing wrong with luck, but unfortunately, luck does run out at the most ill-opportune times.

    You have to give the stock some time to settledown after it gaps down to know where it is ultimately going.
  8. Wow.......what a difference from your 1st post to last post. From a newbie basic question to troll for some posts and then switch to a post about your many recent "profitable" trades.
  9. Yea, guess I am/was on a hot streak. Still doesn't hurt asking other people their thoughts. :eek: