REDDIT nazis as bad as twitter

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  1. They have no problem with illegal and manipulative stock boards though

    This for a #metoo comment that was made in jest, and must have triggered a trans in Bangladesh

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    What was the comment you made?
  3. Too heinous to repeat .

    Speaking of heinous, Cramer still refers to a profit in stocks as 'the houses money'

    what a dick
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    So on one hand, you disagree with the ban, but on the other hand, you admit that your comment is too foul, even for ET? This is the chit-chat section, dude. Post away.

    Stop deflecting your guilt onto Cramer.

    Post what you wrote, or close the thread.
  5. It was so vile, that I can't even believe the words came from moi.

    I will repent
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    At this point, now, nobody believes you. You realize this, yes? Your thread now has zero value, because what was the point of it. To bash Reddit? To look for absolution on your comment?

    I have half a mind to request this thread be closed because it has become one of the most pointless threads ever on this forum that has ever been posted.

    You entice people to the thread by showing a screenshot that you got banned from Reddit because you supposedly posted something racy and raunchy.

    When we ask you to post what it was that got you into trouble with them, you claim you cannot do so.

    This constitutes spam, and an absolute waste of everyone's time. Even in the chit-chat section, this is bad. Because you are not willing to chit-chat about it.

    You are claiming that Reddit Nazis are as bad as Twitter, but you provide no evidence of this. Yer claim is FALSE!
  7. Now that you've begged, I will most certainly not reveal the abomination. You go to meet your maker, never knowing .
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    Dude, nobody here is clamoring to get onto Reddit! All we want is the juicy newsbits of why you got banned from the thing! For fuck's sake!
  9. [​IMG] Reddit is actually a decent resource, and has many millions of users.

    Trust me, you'll never have decent nights sleep again, if I tell you what they blocked me for
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    I swing trade index futures at the CME. I don't have decent nights' sleep as it is. Give up the goods, man.
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