Redbox to increase prices 20%

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  1. why shouldnt they be allowed to raise prices to whatever they want to as long as there is a free and open competitive market?
  2. Netflix is a better option. So many more movies to choose from on Netflix, plus you don't have to drive and waste gas to pick up the movie and return the movie.
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    redbox better raise prices because no matter how hard they try there will be no more redboxes in the next 2 years, the DVD will be long gone by then as it is replaced by digital downloads and streaming media, I am really surprised to see these dvd rental machines still standing inside grocery stores. This is just a fad that will be gone very, very soon!
  4. hitnrun


    the redbox model does work. the amount of machines in various locations have grown drastically in the past year .
    It's a convience to rent a movie where you shop frequently or buy your morning coffee .
    it's only getting better over time & you can't beat it for the price.
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    This is true and I rent from Redbox all the time but as S2007S noted, this will be a dinosaur business model in a few years. RB will be going bye-bye.

  6. hitnrun


    a few years from now who knows what will be available
    maybe in 1-2 years redbox will fade away but for now it works

    redbox & netflix are good choices for movies

    raising prices 20 % will not affect there model whatsoever for the consumer

    if someone can't afford another quarter then you should not rent movies
  7. Couple points. They are not raising prices on blu-ray which remains at 1.50. If you are still renting DVDs then you are a dinosaur, blu-ray picture is noticeably better than DVD and the uncompressed audio of the blu-ray makes any DVD or HDTV signal from your provider sound like garbage. Admittedly you need a good sound system to enjoy it.

    There is absolutely no alternative to blu-ray right now if you care about a quality experience. I would love for there to be some streaming technology or cable/satellite provider that could produce blu-ray quality, but until that happens there will be some market for renting the discs. For people who rent occasionally, Redbox blue-ray rentals are currently the best way to go.
  8. They should be allowed to do whatever they want, but isnt it interesting that they have their first price hike AFTER blockbuster goes BK and after this netflix fiasco. I actually have no problem if they raised their prices to $2 as long as its a newly released movie. But sometimes I go to rebox and see that about 70% of their movies are old movies(ones that I can watch anytime at home with netflix streaming). Not going to pay $1.20 (or even $1) to watch and old movie like Die hard.
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    Then what the fuck are you bitching about? You are not forced to rent the old movie. If you rent a movie once per week, you are crying about a dollar per month raise.

    Next time don't get cream with your Starbucks coffee, problem solved....
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