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  2. They left out one other benefit. Getting drunk.:D
  3. Resveratrol is nothing short of the Holy Grail (well, for mice), in more ways than one. Significantly increases lifespan... neutralizes all adverse effects of a high-calorie diet... makes the cardiovascular system look like that of a trained athlete, even if you're a couch potato... doubles your endurance (on the treadmill, smart ass).

    There's only one, minor problem...

    "The mice were fed a hefty dose of resveratrol, 24 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. Red wine has about 1.5 to 3 milligrams of resveratrol per liter, so a 150-lb person would need to drink 750 to 1,500 bottles of red wine a day to get such a dose."

    Yes, Red Wine Holds Answer. Check Dosage. - The New York Times, Nov. 2.
  4. Can I get the pill version?
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  6. Yes, there are resveratrol supplements.

    Isolated compounds found in foods actually work better if the whole food is eaten because of the synergistic action of hundreds of chemical compounds in a whole food.

    You could also drink concord grape juice in place of wine, which may be more effective than wine and without the toxic alcohol.

    Not much grape juice is required for positive benefits as opposed to the high dosages used in mice.
  7. Thank you