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    ... not your your father's "red light" therapy.

    I had never heard of this but the club I belong to is completing a new facility and they are going on and on about how they will now have these red light therapy booths. (Ditching the dry sauna too which really pisses me off to the point of perhaps cancelling)

    I was looking them up and I see Planet Fitness (PLNT) (up 250% in 18 months btw) has them.

    Sounds interesting, they say they help burn fat, among about a half dozen other healthy things.

    Opinions? Anyone ever used one?
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  2. I have not yet used it, but I might in the near future. I recently joined Planet Fitness as a second gym I go to. For all the bad rap they get for not being a "real" gym, I must say I'm very happy with them so far. The gym is cleaner than any gym I've ever been in, and very organized. Tons of equipment and while their free weight section is limited, it's sufficient. And the hydro massage bed is almost orgasmic. Ten minutes on that thing after a workout and I'm relaxed. Well worth the 20 a month, and I can go to any gym they have all over the country.
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    Yes sir, I can help you on your quest.

    First, let us look at the problem...

    This technologically advanced machine employs non UV, near-infrared rays to promote weight loss.

    Well, no shit sherlocks, of course near-infrared employs "non UV"...Infra-red is on the opposite side of the UV spectrum! Stupid.

    But that is all you need to know, Vanz! Dude! That company is jargonating people to spend a shit-ton of money to get into a bed with the exact same heat lamps they use to keep fast food warm at BK and McD. AND THEY WILL SPEND THE MONEY TO DO IT!

    Do you see the irony?

    Vanz, you gotta' see it. If you do not? *sniffs* Game penalty.

    Dude, that's a great long on the damned morons.
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    So will these things make you sweat? That's why I'm so pissed about the sauna going away. I might actually have to work out harder to get rid of all the toxins. Saunas are a dream. You just sit there, shoot the shit with someone you never met... and sweat like a pig. Its a beautiful thing.
  5. I understand there are whole districts dedicated to red light therapy.
  6. All you ever wanted to know about red light.


    1. Red light and near-infrared irradiation produce measurable changes locally in cells/tissues/organs. This form of light therapy is called photobiomodulation (PBM).
    2. Animal studies show that photobiomodulation therapy could be beneficial for over 100 different diseases. Evidence from human studies is also emerging in a fast pace.
    3. Over 3800 photobiomodulation papers have been published in PubMed-indexed journals, over 120 of which have a good impact factor (> 3.0). Research has been conducted in at least 71 different countries.
  7. "And when I get that feeling I want sexual healing"
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  9. It's not clear that lasers have any physiological effect ,,,you know Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

    Extremely doubtfull that red diodes do anything more than cast a red glow.