red light green light trading systems

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stsslick, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. stsslick


    please direct me to existing thread or let me know your experience?
  2. Caution! The yellow light is flashing!!
  3. Warning, Will Robinson.... The Red Light is flashing.....Lock up your wallet and credit cards

    SPAM will be forthcoming within about 2-3 messages by someone with <= 10 posts total talking about how they are making great money with one of the following: ( Wizetrade, 4XMadeEasy, GoGecko, some other Option shit made easy, etc. ). And for only $4000 you too can buy some piece of crap software that replicates a set of MACD-like moving averages, removes all price history from the screen, and gives you some idiot lights to manage your trading with......Oh, and 30 day money back guarantee - of course, good luck with collecting on that
  4. I know you want a red light or green light but did u try the Puretick $10 dollar Blue Light Special??