Red Hot Inflation

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  1. Ah the truth at last. Oh well its over their who cares, US has no inflation goverment says so.
  2. Dutch Fin Min:Rising Food Costs Worse Than Fincl Turbulence.
  3. Who cares about food when Goldman Sachs and Lehman are in trouble to hell with food and regular people. Protect the wall street investment banks at all cost, human lives be dammed.
  4. Do you have to start 3 threads a day with EXACTLY THE SAME inflation theme every freaking day? Why not just make one thread and keep adding your (new) thoughts/data to it?
  5. If you can show me once were I STARTED three in one day, yes I sure will.
  6. bellman


    scary, is it possible to accurately calculate how much the money supply has increased over the past seven years???
  7. Scary? Damed straight!

    GreenScam and Bernanke should be in PRISON because of this! :mad:
  8. I doubt I will here back from Makloda. Such a gross exaggerator he his.
  9. Inflation = increase in money supply.

    And the printing press is current running as it's fastest pace.
  10. Actual "CPI" inflation rate based on correct calculation is 11.8%!!!

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