Red Diamonds

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  1. Bearice is the biggest owner of Red Diamonds in the world. In fact nobody in this world has Red Diamonds and they are the most expensive precious stones. Anybody needs to buy Red Diamonds from me, please let me know.

    When you look at Red Diamonds you will forget Gold and other diamonds and precious stones.
  2. Got crack?
  3. Only Water.
  4. As far as I know reds are plenty available. I dont get it.
  5. These are special stones created by nature directly from high temperatures. No refining needed.
  6. These Red diamonds glow bright red in dark and seem to have magical powers. During day they are less visible.
  7. How much? Post a pix
  8. As usual Bearice is totally full of shit.
    If he actually has red diamonds they have been color treated which makes them about as valuable as a dixie cup.
    There are only about three on record publically, the last one sold at auction, a .93 if I am correct, went to the Saudi Royal family for about $1mm.
    And for the record, I do have a real red diamond, though it is only about 14 points.
  9. can we get a link to your ebay store?

  10. If you are responding to me, I don;t have an ebay store and the stone is not for sale unless you make a ridiculous offer.

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