Red Candles the last 2 days

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kendall, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. Kendall


    still many more wide price spread ones than white ones....This puppy gonna roll over hard.
  2. Kendall


    On 10 minute bars that is in the YM...
  3. We're going to retest the lows very quickly here.

    Extremely little conviction buying, and a lot of longs liquidating and raising cash.
  4. I am long from ES 1334.

  5. I don't see much conviction on either side ---- the volume is not all that high on the 5 minute bar and the TICK is floating around the -200 ... +400 range
  6. maybe later today something more definite will present itself...
  7. Looks like consistent selling with conviction to me.
  8. Kendall


    Rolled over, yesterday low taking out...See ya don't want to be ya.
  9. Added more ES at 1329.25.
  10. bh_prop


    Out of large caps, into small caps. That is bullish activity, not bearish.

    #10     Jan 25, 2008