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    Does anybody know of any good prop trading companies in red bank NJ area? Your help is appreciated.
  2. Redbank.... I went to high school in Holmdel where my parents still live :).

    Except for a Merrill or Schwab office there really is not much in that area. Many good prop firms allow remote access so if all you want is prop leverage and costs, you can join and trade from home. Some have training you can go to and then trade remote. If you are looking for being in the office for training and working with other traders, then you might have to go north near Jersey City or Princeton. I think EchoTrade has some NJ offices.
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    I work for echotrade now from home but am getting bored at home. Do you know of any offices in princeton or red bank.
  4. I am actually in the process of joining EchoTrade now lol.

    Princeton is mainly Merril and Morgan Stanly and Dow Jones so I doubt there are prop shops there. Also I did not see an Echo office in NJ, only in New York. If you can find several Echo traders in your area you an all get together and grab a space or offer to set up an Echo location in that area. Echo might help with overhead costs if enough traders use the location or sign up.
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    I tried to get them to start an office in red bank but the start up is alot of money. I have no complaints with echo- it is a well run company especially coming from worldco. I used to work in the nyc office but moved to jersey and do not want to make the commute.
  6. I used to trade at Andover, which is in Woodbridge, but Id be interested to know of prop/arcade/casinos in this area too.
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    There is an etradeprofessional office in Red Bank.
  8. Optioncoach -- what year did you graduate from Holmdel? I was class of '85.
  9. Sent you a PM...
  10. carlin and schonfeld are both there
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