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    Yes, I agree, need redundancy, backups on backups, extra brokerage and systems that dump some positions to free up margin so you can exit on completion of trades but it actually opening positions at that brokerage and wait for the mess to be fixed at origins. And the worst, at the time, is when parts of the city loses power, thankfully bought two generators that kick in for power the house and glad I kept that satellite dish going as Internet went down when power went out and everyone in neighborhood start coming over, yeah like I want this cause I have lights? It was actually fun, massive block Bar-B-Que party and everyone bringing over food, dancing in the street, meeting people you otherwise never meet. Power restore and kept going for few hours. I moved eventually, was cool most of these people came by to say good bye. It is funny as you get older you realize we are all a grain of sand and no one really cares what you do so long as you don't hurt their grain of sand, so Dance and laugh as no one is there cause all are same as you.
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  2. Yes. Lots.

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  3. Thanks for confirming. I can't see why anyone would fight on creating a fail safe for an automated trading system.
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    Why cant you use the TWS desktop version?
    If you are this concerned/paranoid and a mobile phone screen is not good enough to remote desktop to your cloud server then keep a light weight laptop within reach during market hours.
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  5. This is just my development style: I don't believe anything should be done manually and that the interfaces presented should do just the job needed, and nothing else. So, since I am not manually trading, I don't want to use TWS, I use IB Gateway. So I don't have a GUI server. So I can't remote desktop to my cloud server as there isn't any desktop to remote to.

    Maybe this gives problems in the short term, but it pays dividends in the long term. At the moment, I'm imagining a HTML file hosted on the cloud that I have access to that will have a bunch of buttons/status indicators directly related to day-to-day trading operations, that I will be able to access on my mobile:

    - Shut down
    - Start
    - Cancel open orders
    - Liquidate
    - Status
    -- Gateway: OK
    --- Log files
    -- Algo1: OK
    --- Log files
    -- Algo2: ERROR: Click to restart
    --- Log files

    Because of the way I've set everything up, I get almost all of this for free.
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    As mentioned on another thread, IB offers convenient autoliq service, so you get a failsafe "free" from them also.
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  7. LOL
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  8. How would you identify that your system has gone haywire and needs manual intervention if you have no access to a computer?
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  9. I am using a "lower tech version" in my automated system. I have .csv text files with settings for my system. By modifying these settings can I influence things. As it is a csv file can any text editor handle these. These files are placed in my Dropbox and therefore accessible by multiple (mobile) devices.
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    Twitter feeds, we use it to set/list/delete alerts, but easy to adapt to algos. You can do the same with sms but more complex to set up.
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