RED ALERT: possible False Flag on June 21st 2012 in Warsaw

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  1. during Euro 2012 football games.


    1. Illuminati always show the attack long before it happens.
    See "Fight Club" movie , premiere date Sep 10 1999 in Venice.
    Last scene: two towers falling into their own footprint watched by man and woman holding hands.
    Now, check this videoclip by a very famous polish rock band, last scene:
    man and woman hold their hands while watching at two towers. EXACTLY the same scene as in Fight Club.
    Other elements seen in a video: All Seeing Eye on the green football scarf.
    6 and 3 numbers on the t-shirt ( 6x3 = 666)

    The Title of the Song: "Warsaw will disappear" (!!!!!!)

    2. The most peaceful country on the planet wants to have a decent pretext for a War with Iran. Such attack serves this role.

    3. 21st June 2012 - Prince William has its 30th birthday.
    Similar to Jesus who started his ministry at 30 yrs of age.
    Prince William is known to succeed Queen Elizabeth and essentially rule UK.

    4. Coca Cola TV commercial includes a frame with a bomb blast inside the Euro 2012 stadium.

    5. USDPLN exch. rate.
    PLN lost about 15% to USD since May 1st.
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  3. Must be happy hour somewhere.
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    This is what happens when you wear too much tin foil. You experience a degradation of your native language.
  5. Sorry, its a songs chorus, not title. Goes like this:

    Warsaw will disappear
    Like a dream
    Life is not a play
    I know it very well.

    The lyrics of the other song by Lady Pank band:

    "Less than Zero"
    Can you imagine a better title showing negativity?

    You maybe thinking that you're worthy
    having a brain, two hands and free will
    your place on Earth can be explained
    by exam passed with an "A"
    there are people- its not a joke
    for whom you're worth...

    less than zero
    less than zero
    less than zero
    O o oo o!

    Here's the official date of the band formation: September 11th, 1981.
    - according to Wikipedia.
    In the video you can see also football stadium lightings placed on top of high rise building during a day, isnt it strange?
    The lady in a video wears a red string on her hand. Kabbalah?
    Same as Madonna, who is going to perform on the same stadium in August, Feast of St Mary day.

    Just 2 years ago 90 top polish politicians, President, joint chief of staff, central bank president, members of parliment, etc. where killed in a very very weird plane crash near Smolensk.
    The country is weak on a leash of Russia and USA.

    Hunger Games. The world will be watching.

    What a great series of totally random coincidences!
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    I have to ask again, Huh?
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    Great, that clears it up, thanks.
  8. Si.
  9. I see that you are unable to connect the dots.

    The people who are behind the false flag operations are also taking care of putting certain elements into Hollywood movies and songs before the actual events will take place.

    See this , bitchez:

    2 years before 9/11!!
    Are you frreakin blind?
    Two towers collapse in front of pair of people holding hands.
    Now see "Stacja Warszawa" videoclip:
    3:57 sec -- two people in front of two towers holding hands.

    In the videoclip, there is a scene with a football stadium.
    In Fight Club movie - a lot of scenes with planes, incl. plane crashing into something.

    That is very creepy.
    Everyone with a heatlhy brain knows, governments love to rage wars and stage fake terror events.
    What will happen this year?
    Since 2008 the media try to convince the masses that Iran is dangerous.
    But the public does not give a shit.
    Hence, the need for some large "event"...
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