Red Alert now issued for Japan

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    Sounds like it's a matter of time for a meltdown... I find it ironic that water devastates Japan, then the lack of water threatens the reactors. Hate to see this. :(

    (It's 4:00am Sunday in Japan right now.)
  2. The Japanese nuclear reactors are GE boiling water design so if they melt, at least it's into the ground. The Chernobyl reactors were of a type that resulted in a fire and explosion.

    A meltdown would be bad, but nothing like a Chernobyl disaster. More like a Three Mile Island event.
  3. Reactor overview:


    Press releases from TEPCO (company owning he reactor plant):

    Sea water used for cooling down the reactor

    The Tokyo Electric Power Company is using sea water as an emergency coolant in its quake-damaged reactor at Fukushima Number One Power Plant.

    The massive earthquake on Friday caused a breakdown of cooling systems that could cause temperatures in the reactor to rise to uncontrollable levels.

    Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano disclosed on Saturday that the company is pouring sea water into the containment vessel of the reactor. Sea water is readily available as the plant is close to the sea.

    Edano said the company is mixing boric acid with the water to help absorb neutrons to slow nuclear fission.

    Edano added that government's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has endorsed the procedure.

    Self-Defense Force troops, who are actually in charge of the cooling process, are using pump trucks and other methods to inject the sea water. They say the work started on Saturday evening will be completed on early Sunday.

    Sunday, March 13, 2011 01:03 +0900 (JST)
  4. They build the plants on the coast due to the seawater access. The pressure is dropping inside reactor 1.
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    Oh #&^@. No more nuke plants in this country. :p And once The One gets done banning coal plants, we're going to be in a world of hurt. We'll be hoping on an exercise bike/generator for an hour every morning to heat up some water for a shower.
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    You mean, no more fat Americans? Or there will be, they just gonna stink?
  7. There *are* newer inherently safe reactor designs that absolutely can't overheat like boiling water reactors. Unfortunately the only "proven" designs are these 40 year old boiling water types.

    Unfortunately there's no national will to push nuclear technology beyond the 60's.
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    Fat Americans, Fat Romans, Fat Egyptians (during the Pharoahs), Fat Austrian-Hungarians, Fat English Empire, etc...

    Do you see a trend Peek-lo. The winners take all, yes, we won and still are winning. With that comes the comfort and the riches and yes the excess.

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    It's melting down now. What's going to happen? Radioactivity thrown in the air? Two headed dolphins? Mermaids?
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    Investors were also getting ready for a real hard push back in to nuclear in America. I wonder if this is going to change all that now? Can't wait to see what PKN does on Monday.
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