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  1. I am a ex-trader from ETG (aquired by Schonfeld) who is finally beginning to recover from the experience I endured while I worked there. If you are interested in reading about my experiences, I am a trader who arguably was there best nasdaq trader, making over $100,000 a day. I spent the last decade recovering from the experience. I am in the process of getting back on my feet as a trader. Read about my experience at
  2. You made a series of crazy posts a few years back. Summary goes as follows:

    1) You are in the closet and got made fun because of it

    2) You're very socially awkward

    3) You had some good years during easy times and then blew out

    4) You decided to blame it all on ETG
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    Can we do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) here? Are you willing to answer questions or just advertising your blog?
  4. Cliff notes? What's the backstory here?
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    mods, this belongs in chit-chat. All his/her threads belong there. Just like before.
  6. If i am in the closet, I don't know about it, if I reach the conclusion that I am gay, I will be gay.

    2. I do believe one must take responsibility for themselves so i won't blame anything that happened on ETG. I do feel I was mistreated there.

    3. Bruce Springsteen is socially awkward

    4. I have spent the last 10 years recovering from a break that I incurred in the office, a mental break.