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  1. A little off-topic, but I know there are a lot of computer experts on this board. Can anyone recommend a utility to recover deleted files? I know Norton has a product, but I would like to hear what else is out there - free or pay.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Check Winternals and Sunbelt software.

    Note - Undelete utilities work on deleted files, but not "erased" files (as in the thread title).
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    If you are desperately want to recover those files, you can send your hard disk to the professional disk recovery companies.
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    PS If you have deleted files from your bootup system partition
    and/or you are short of space on that drive, there is a chance
    that you may have overwritten the area your files was on
    with something else.
  5. depending what kind of file it is you may see it in your trash. if so just restore it.
  6. Try this little made-in-Germany program. I used it and it works great. Until you recover, just make sure that you don't write any new stuff to the drive where your deleted data resides, as you might overwrite it.

    The program was free when I used it (or it was a functional demo).

    Good luck,

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    Assuming he hasnt turned off the recycle bin ;-)
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