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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stfreak, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. stfreak


    Hi folks,

    currently trading NQ by using the tape and MarketDepth and have problems with the end of day review of my trades, because the only market data I´m currently able to use is the chart of the day.

    However, I don´t use charts for my entries and exits so they are more or less useless for spotting the mistakes I´m doing during my session.

    Any sugestions on this topic? does anyone have the same problem?? I did some experiments on this with Buttontrader´s(I trade @ IB) "record" feature, but there is no fast forward/rewind so it´s quite exhausting to watch the whole trading session again...


  2. You can use a recording program called Camtasia by

    There has been several extensive discussions about recording or Camtasia here at EliteTrader.

    ET search menu should be able to find those recent past discussions...

    In addition, has a program called Snagit that does recordings and uses less CPU in comparison to Camtasia.

    I have several years of recordings of my trading day stored on DVD and it helps tremendously.

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  3. realtor


    TradeMaven has a new recording feature that allows playback, and I believe you can fast forward the playback.

    If you're not familiar with TM, it's a trading platform (dome) that allows you to trade off a realtime chart. It's $50 a month for basic and simulation use, first month trial is free. They are at TradeMaven dot com.
  4. here you go ---- -- and yes realtor is right as there is a new playback feature {great move TM!}.
  5. realtor


    I knew you would know about it, if anyone would.:)
  6. stfreak


    yes, thanks folks. had a look an both options and I must say that camtasia might be the better option.

    it´s a bit expensive for a one time licence but ceaper than trademaven for 6 month.
    however, I wondered about Stagnit. Is this a Screenshot - Tool or it it possible to record in movie - style too??

    thanks again guys for the quick response
  7. BKuerbs


    Snagit can record Videos too, though Camtasia is probably more flexible (I have never used Camtasia).

    Techsmith offers a trial version.


    Bernd Kuerbs
  8. ozzy


    You better have some horsepower under the hood if you want to use Camtasia to record your trades.
  9. stfreak


    @ozzy does that mean, camtasia slows needs alot of processor resources??

    thats the next thing: no use for software that slows down market data and execution speed. I think, I´ll look at them for myself and testdrive their trial version.

    @camtasia users: is that right, that with camtasia one can change the sampling quality? if you do that, will only the quality of the movie suffer (resolution lower) or does the software decreases the frames per second (would be bad, as one insn´t able to see every tick in fast markets)??

    thanks for suggestions again.
  10. ozzy


    Yes. It's CPU Intensive. But I don't have top of the line PC. I'm using a AMD Barton 2500+ which is a little dated.
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