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    I want to record what is on my computer screen for the full trading day.

    How would I go about doing this, and what kind of software/hardware would I need?
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    alternatively, is there a service where you can reply the market as if it were in real time?
  3. i think esignal has this function.
  4. Ensign has this function I believe. You can play back the day's action, or week, or whatever. Although I use Ensign, I've never actually bothered with this.
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys.

    I forgot to mention that I need to be able to replay the trading day for equities. But i need to be able to see the NYOB, Time and Sales, and Level 2.

    I can get this done by recording whats on my screen for the whole day.

    However, is there a service anyone knows of that will allow me to replay this data? I checked Esignal, but all I found was that they can replay the tick/chart data.

    Thats nice, but I really need to see NYOB, Time and Sales, and Level 2.
  6. I'm a heavy user of Camtasia and Snagit...

    Both by

    Camtasia will do exactly what your asking about.

    It will record everything you do on your computer that's visable on your monitors.

    You can even set it up to record audio.

    I record 2-3 monitors and a day or recording from 0930am - 4:15pm est can produce about 400-550mb of live-recording.

    That means your going to need either a large harddrive and a DVD recorder in case you want to keep your live-recordings for years to come.

    Also, make sure you have a minimum of 1 gigabyte of memory because with Camtasia running at the same time as your charting program and broker execution program...

    Your going to need enough memory.

    Have a good video card also.

    Last thing to say about this software...

    It's help my trading tremendously over the past few years via being able to play back my trading day whereas something like Ensign/Esignal can only play back the data and not play back your actual trading day (what you did that day while trading).

    Thus, recording your trading day and playing back only data are two different things along with having different usefulness.

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    What is considered a good video card?

    I will be running Omni Pro as well.

    You mentioned 1 gig of memory.

    How fast should the processor be, and what kind?

    I need to buy a system as you can see. All I have right now is 2 laptops. And the shop I work at only has a 1 monitor setup, which actually works fine for me, but I'm not sure how much memory they guess is not that i'm thinking of just buying a new system and literally bringing it to the shop and setting it up (i don't want to trade remote yet).

    If you could help me make some hardware selections, that would be fantastic.

    Thanks for all the help guys.
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    for capture you might also look at:

    easy to use, very affordable, and you can get file sizes down to a pretty good ratio (i.e. minutes to megabytes).


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