Record Throughput at Port of New York

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    For all its fits and starts, the economy is picking up speed. With a relatively weak US dollar, Obama will likely achieve his NEI goal, and those of us who sell to the world will make money hand over fist.

    (International Freighting Weekly – David Badger)

    "U.S. east coast gateway handled more volumes in 2011 than it did pre-recession

    "The U.S. port of New York/ New Jersey set an all-time record for cargo handling last year. The 5.5 million teu handled at the port was almost 4% up on 2010 volumes, beating the previous record, set pre-recession in 2007. The port’s on-dock rail system, ExpressRail, also set a new record in 2011, handling 422,144teu – 12% up on 2010.

    "Port Authority Chairman David Samson said: “These records demonstrate that despite these challenging economic times, our commitment to establishing stronger import/export trade relations, retaining and attracting the highest quality operators and investing in state-of-the-art facilities with the latest technology is working. Over the coming years we will continue to make significant investments in our port related infrastructure: US$1 billion for raising the Bayonne Bridge, as well as port road improvements and harbour deepening.”

    "The port of New York and New Jersey is the largest on the U.S. east coast and the third largest in the country, behind Los Angeles and Long Beach.?Its plan to raise the road bed of the Bayonne Bridge will allow the new, larger post-panamax containerships to access the port terminals. Currently the bridge’s navigational clearance cannot accommodate the largest of these ships, which are expected to serve the port when the Panama Canal widening is complete."
  2. Thanks for the upbeat post, nice to have good news posted here.

  3. Good news for America is bad news for the far right. Hence, the threads you see here.
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    You're welcome. Hopefully you also caught the Port of Los Angeles report I put up a couple of weeks ago.
  5. It does seem that those who lean far right tend to be more of the pessimistic group here. In my lifetime I have seen a lot in America, some good, some bad, some inexplicable.

    I supported W Bush, except for the wars, pretty much. Even though I did not vote for him. Same with Clinton, no vote, yet supported 'most' of his policies. The state of America in 2000 was a good place. Then 9/11, then so much fear took over. Fear of terrorists, well, we've had terrorists for a long time. But without the general fear. Sure, 9/11 was a wake up call of sorts, and a horrible nightmare perpetrated by cowardly racists. Our response was, unfortunately, to almost degenerate into a similar group. Only in the respect that hate of Islam, and all the rest took roost here.

    I hated when I saw things being thrown at Bush when he was visiting foreign countries, or even here at home. I respected our President, but hated his war policies of his cronies.

    When Obama took over, much of this hated just manifested itself in the form of hating our President. All the silly signs and caricatures, just sad. It got to the point where the haters just hated a non-real person, again, a caricature of what they were told to perceive of our President. And, boy has the fighting turned ugly.

    I won't go on and on, you guys pretty much know what I'm saying here.

    Nice to see some good reports, beats the alternative as they say.

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    Tsing Tao

    These are healthy and promising stats for shipping, though I did read the other day how shipping ex-asia is so low that some lines were paying companies to transport product. Perhaps that's even better for the US.

    However, extrapolating how the economy is getting better by this data is a bit of a stretch.