Record # of short oil positions?

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  1. I keep hearing this spewed in the media. What data are they referencing? I'm not seeing it in COT reports. Thanks in advance.
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    The downtrend[Christmas crude] favors that+ still does.I dont pay much attention to levels like polar bears taking 80% of a move, or ''news LOL'' of russian bear pretending to be a bull.LOL . But increased buy volume on front month contract, that ''bears'' watching....................................
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    Good points,FHL+ good picture;TX tea horsehead or jack is not pumping.I have a slightly different take on that trend. Its not a bearish bet[TX TEA, or DWTI chart] its a bearish position+ markets are NOT gambles. I do have a REALTOR friend , he uses the world ''gamble'' to mean risk- too much risk.,LOL

    As far as short covering, little long buys, some may have; its a buy off the bottom of donchian channel. Thats still a weekly chart countertrend buy, like they did @ $90, $40, LOL-traders profit not investment advice.LOL Thanks, maybe XOM needed some oil to refine, if youre XOM, good buy @40.
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  5. How can you have a record number of shorts on a future? Wouldn't that also mean a record number of longs? Unless I guess they are excluding firms hedging and stuff of course then I guess that could make sense.
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    Youre probably right.
    They probably meant look @ the bear[short] volume, on TX TEA,DWTI,USO, front month contract; its like when i say look at the bear volume or sell volume, on BAC. Someone said well you have to have a buy for every sell.Actually i dont,[ i dont have to buy for a sell in a downtrend,LOL] because the trend for both of those is down.

    Or some times they say sell volume, like on USO; sell volume ,has been bigger above the moving average,past 12 months. WTI {TX TEA}March buy volume+ buy price is getting longer,stronger but that is NOT a prediction. That is simply march 2017 contract price.Thanks.
    Some like to pay up all[100%] the times when they buy, left coast does that all the time on gasoline+ Alaska oil