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  1. as of this post i have:
    L vrnm cost 4.98
    S vrnm aug 5 call .55

    waiting for the aug call to expire or buy back at .05 prem or less and close out trade

    L Hott 10.9
  2. closed out of VRNM.

    bought the 5 aug calls for 1.6 (at the bid) to close out (actual bidding price was 1.61)

    sold VRNM at 1.61 at the offer.

    bid was based on the current price bid 1.6 30 shares 1.61 offer.

    no reason to hold to X date as there is very little premium left in the option. (in this case the spread canceled all time value)

    +.56 for trade

    L HOTT
  3. S ASML july 07 at .45 at offer
    L ASML at 28.60 at bid

    four trading days left until X date and the options are trading at .45 and they are OTM 1.4

    stock chart shows stock in upper part of upward band

    objective: stock trades above 30 and gain 1.95. otherwise capture .45 time value and close out on or before friday.
  4. closed out HOTT 10.89
    -.01 (sold to use funds for UTX - better use of dollars)

    L UTX aug 65 call 12.50
    S utx aug 80 call 1.5
    s UTX aug 80 call 1.6
    UTX (77.10)
  5. close out of one aug 80 call at 1.65
    - .05

    still long UTX aug 65 call and short UTX aug 80

    earnings report comes out tomorrow before the open. price action at close was weak. closed near the low, but after hours right after the bell is much stronger. stock movements like this make me glad to spread / hedge the posistion.

    ASML july 30 calls was all over the board today. when the bid and prints was at .45 and the underlining was 1.00+ I thought of closing to capture the full gain. decided to wait it out as the .45 was worth holding until friday. watched the bid move up to over a dollar and the stock move 1.5+ for the day. about 2:30 the bids fell about 40 cents in about 2-3 mins without movement in the offer or the underlining.

    good day overall
  6. out ASML July 30 call .05
    +.40 put limit order to close out ASML waiting for it to get hit
  7. out of ASML 28.81


    Stock is down 1.1 from the close. stock / option net gain +.65
  8. L HON aug 62.5 C 1.3 x 3
    S HON Jul 62.5 .35 x 1
    S HON Jul 62.5 .30 x 2

    Hon earnings report comes out tomorrow before the bell.
  9. out UTX aug 80 call 1.05

    out UTX 65 call 12.6 +.1

    +.55 for the trade
  10. S SWY aug 40 .29
    L SWY aug 35 1.25

    high option volume. aug 40 down .05 while stock is down 90 cents. aug 35 down inline with stock. selling premium of 40 and hedging with 35
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