Record Keeping software for traders needed!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jptrader62, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Can anyone recomend a software program that can easily categorize any type of trading detail (IE. number of trades, P&L for individual stocks daily , ect). I'm not a programmer, far from it, so if anyone has a few ideas , it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jon
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    I just use Excel. You should be able to get an older version for free/cheap.

    Hard to beat IMHO for customizability and power. Tons of support too. Many people use it.

    Also, somebody posted recently (forget who) an example Excel spreadsheet that really nailed down about every aspect of trade logging you would need. It would give you a very helpful headstart.

    Try a search for *.xls post attachments to find it, or I can look tonight if you don't see it.
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  5. Oddly, the whois lookup produces some one with the last name of Geringer. :)

    BTW, that's a pretty creative LLC name.
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    Might be the same Geringer :)
  7. Seriously? Have you looked at the webpage? Frontpage 4.0 - and it looks like it.

    "New! - We are now shipping our ALL NEW 32 bit WINDOWS VERSION!"

    *New*, Really! This is a joke right? You can't even download the program. Looks like snail mail only.
  8. Agree with you about the website, but bottomline... it works as advertised :)
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