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  1. Apparently IB's charting is not the best but the good thing is there are 'freelance' charting solutions that can integrated with IB.

    Has anyone used freelance or commercial charting solution for IB platform?

    Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Hi Jim, I am searching for an appropriate IB/charting solution as well. I received some feedback on the following thread:

    I have it narrowed my search down to the following:
    Sierra Charts - subscription under $50/month
    Multi-charts - subscription under $50/month
    Ensign - subscription under $50.00/month
    Tradestation - $99/month plus data feed --[fee waived with minimum trading activity] (considered for the charting and as a backup trading platform)
    Quote tracker - low cost/free with ads
    Amibroker - low cost

    "Desired attributes"
    Reliable and stable
    Intuitive programming/charting language compatible or exportable to other charting programs (if possible) -- (for non programmer types, inexperienced in writing code)
    library of pre-defined strategies, charting preferences, tools (modifiable)
    floating or detachable windows for multi-window/screen appliction

    Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated... Thank you in advance...
  4. gov


    You are correct in saying that the IB charts are pretty poor; I just cannot use them. So many bad ticks not scrubbed, etc.

    I have used Ensign software as a charting program for about 4 years now and I have been very pleased. Makes a great primary or backup, your choice. Good luck.
  5. maxpi


    If you want to do order entry from the chart NinjaTrader is good. Look on the IB website for third party software, there are free/pay ones there with brief descriptions, some are good.
  6. you've got a comprehensive list going...I am research few too.
    Qoute Tracker is now out of the it's impossible to use QT charts from IB portfolio trading page.
  7. kbehr


    How about QuoteTrader from e.Signal. It's free and is supposed to allow IB order entry from the charts.
  8. Thanks for the info on QT, too bad, it appears that the owner Jerry is very responsive and provides a quality product and support, amibroker I hear is very good also, just a bit concerned about the ease of the programming... looks like it is time to demo Sierra, Multi-charts and Ensign.... they all have good reviews and favorable comments by some of the more respected members on this forum... (I searched posts with keywords and member name to view their comments in reference to their systems and set ups as opposed to the cheerleading, spammers and naysayers that troll the reviews section... very enlightening... apparently all the programs have their strengths and weakness's as expected, just need to filter down the product most appropriate for our style and needs... mine being short term position and swing of equities...

    Thank you gov, max and KB for your input... all help is appreciated...
  9. bluedemon77

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    Most of the charting packages have free trials. That's the best way to decide for yourself. I think AmiBroker's the best for a lot of reasons, but none of them is perfect, at least none that I looked at.