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  1. Anyone here got a (unfortunately) Windows based VPS company that they recommend for hosting autotrading programs/processes?
  2. Let me be more specific, because my last post was pretty vague.

    I am looking for a VPS that can host an automated trading system built using the Ninjatrader platform [hence why it has to be windows based]


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    well would be a good place to ask a question like this. I have a couple of VPS, but not sure how they will help ya with Automated trading
  4. You do not trust your computer? Or yourself?

    Just asking...
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    I think he wants to access it at work and from everywhere. Also, he may not need the hassle of dealing with a dynamic ip or the overhead of leaving it on all ways. where uptime is guaranteed.
  6. I have examined this a bit recently. At home, I use a MAC and obviously, don't want to download software at work.

    Secondly, wanted a way to "ensure" uptime, etc.

    NinjaTrader requires 32bit OS. I can't find a Windows based VPS running 32 bit. I can find DEDICATED servers running 32bit but much more expensive.

    The cheapest is About $100 or so a month for dedicated server. My problem, is that NT continues to "crash" frequebtly on memory problems??? during optimizing and WFO.

    Are these concerns consistent??
  7. Well, that IS expensive. Seriously ;) Some months ago I would have sent you my price list, but we just threw out all hosting customers - no money in it.

    Anyhow, Ninja WILL crash with memory. You can not safely throw more than 3gb RAM at win32 for Ninja, and Ninja will happily use only 2 of that (limitation 32 bit process under normal Windows - 2gb for the program, 2 for the kernel). This can be changed to 3:1 (3gb for the program, 1 for the kernel) with a startup parameter during boot), but this is in "no supported" area for Ninja.

    And, to make things better: forget about uptime in that context. The VPS host will gladly give you high uptime (my own servers calculate uptime in "how long until I needed to patch", which, from the SERVER side (using WIndows Hyper-V on a core install) is calculated in many many months by now (lots of patches, but rarely one for srever core requiring a restart).

    Sadly, that wont help you. Ninja-Trader (6.5) will still happily crash every other day. Point. Bad memory management in the application. Which the VPS host wont even see. I strongly suggest daily restarts, minimum (of the application, not the operating system). When I log into my (currently remote running on a virtual server) trading system using remote desktop, I prety often have (after weekends) a nicely stuck and frozen uder interface presented by Ninja Trader ;)

    Or wait for Ninja 7 - I mean, you are not the only to complain, and supposedly Ninja 7 (beta out end of June) has a MUCh better memory management. Otherwise ;) well, I will not bear with it ;) And many others neither.

    But until then nothing, sadly, will give you good uptime in Ninja.
  8. I am just a relative newbie and these issues hit me right away. Thanks You for your detailed input as to why this has occurred.

    Why are there so many very happy users of NT????
  9. I have no freaking idea. Personally I will use them to start (I start trading a new account mid of next month at Mirus, and they are zen-fire, and that means basically Ninja). Depending on the NT7 outcome I will either stay, or move forward with a trading desk project of mine.

    I find Ninja not to be a good product. It probably is one of the better platforms, but that is mostly "not as bad or limited than some others", not "good and well done".

    I mostly see complaints done by people knowing programming, and "great" by people with little experience, if I do a fast in memory analysis of complaints.

    Some issues are wide, though, and among them is the really bad memory handling ;)

    Lots of people hope for Nt7.
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    akeserla is crap AFAIK, most of the VPS's run 64 bit Server OS.

    I just started taking my personal laptop work with personal Sprint Mobile Broadband. Luckily I sit next to a window and signal is great. No issues violating the companies network policy etc or workarounds to get thru the firewall etc.
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