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    Please list any programming books that apply to trading.

    C++, VB, API
  2. xtrader

    Don't know of any. I have never seen any. There are several estute programmers/traders that live on this board. If you get more specific, I'm sure some will step up to the plate.

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    You might want to check out Carnegie Mellon's Financial Engineering syllabus. I believe they list the texts they use on line. Go to and look up the "MSCF" program.
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    This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but "Smarter Trading" by Perry Kaufman had a blend of programming ideas mixed with trading ideas. I theory on system development and trading ideas were very good, but I really breezed over the programming stuff. It seemed to me like he was using language from a canned type program. Telerate/Tradestation.

    Page 78 Sample from Telerate TeleTrac

    "DMX D-mark
    speed 40

    It goes on to explain the testing of a simple trend change using EMA.

    Sorry I cant be more specific but my programing ended with:

    10 Print "Hello"
    20 Goto 10
  5. There aren't any. Your best bet is to read a good book on the language of your choice (I'd suggest you pick either VB or C++ but not both). You can ignore most of the stuff in books on programming the GUI and focus more on programming in general for that language. There are dozens of books in your local library on different programming languages and many that are geared toward beginners. If you are just starting out I'd suggest you select VB rather than C++ because the language is more like English.
  6. roumeo


    I am a computer science guy, and will enter the trading industry soon. I am not very sure whether programming is important to day trading... it is useful to derivative trading, but equity trading seems not to need it.

    Am I right? Since I am still not in, I will give more comments when I get in. To tell the truth, difference generates profits, so try to figure out whether programming can be used here.

  7. nitro


    IMHO, in todays world, knowing how to program, regardless at the level, is as important as being literate.

    You better believe that knowing how to program helps. However, if you go down the path of automating everything without knowing how to trade, I suggest you either talk to metooxx on these boards, or learn to trade and forget about the computer except for the mundane (quotes, scanners, etc.)